Summer Sunday worship 2017

During the five weeks of the school summer holidays, we will hold only one Sunday service - at 11.00 am at The Hub.  The service will last an hour, with all-age worship for the first 30 minutes, followed by age-appropriate activities for children and Bible teaching for adults.  We continue each week with a "bring and share" lunch to which everyone is invited.

July 30: Week 1 – Daniel 1-2
Living in the “machine”
How can Christians work, live and thrive in a world dominated by pagans?
August 6: Week 2- Daniel 3
Standing in the heat
How can Christians cope with the power of pagans?
August 13: Week 3- Daniel 5
Dealing with the Truth
What will happen to the pagan rulers?
August 20: Week 4- Daniel 6
Dealing with lies, evil and jealousy
How can Christians “play the game of life” without following pagan rules?
August 27: Week 5- Daniel 7-12
Dealing with a lack of evidence
Are the pagans winning?