Sunday morning worship 2017

On the first Sunday of each month, to release resources for our Missional Communities, we hold only one service.

On the other Sundays of the month, we meet for "Together at Ten" at The Hub and also for “Word & Worship” downstairs at 11.00 am at Tetbury Street, where our Biblical material for the summer will be the Letter of James.

The book of James looks a bit like the Old Testament book of Proverbs dressed up in New Testament clothes. Its consistent focus on practical action in the life of faith is reminiscent of the Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament, encouraging God’s people to act like God’s people. The author is widely thought to be James, the half-brother of Jesus.

The pages of James are filled with direct commands to pursue a life of holiness. He makes no excuses for those who do not measure up. In the mind of this early church leader, Christians demonstrate their faith by walking in certain ways and not in others. For James, a faith that does not produce real life change is a faith that is worthless.  For James, faith was no abstract proposition but had effects in the real world.

More than any other book in the New Testament, James places the spotlight on the necessity for believers like us to act in accordance with our faith. How well do our actions mirror the faith that we proclaim? As we study the letter from James, we will focus on those areas that he mentioned: our actions during trials, our treatment of those less fortunate, the way we speak and relate to others, and the role that money plays in how we live our life.

April 30: James 1:1-18 – Trials and temptations
May 14: James 1:19-27 – Listening and doing
May 21: James 2:1-13 – Favouritism forbidden
May 28: James 2:14-26 – Faith and deeds
June 11: James 3:1-12 – Taming the tongue
June 18: James 3:13-18 – Two kinds of wisdom
June 25: James 4:1-12 – Submit yourselves to God
July 9: James 4:13-17 – Boasting about tomorrow
July 16: James 5:1-12 – Patience in suffering
July 23: James 5:13-20 – The prayer of faith

Please click here to find the PowerPoint presentations and audio recordings of the sermons.