Green Issues

Green Issues

At MBC we are seeking ways in which to become more environmentally conscious in the way we think and operate as a church. We will be following a programme designed for church congregations by Eco-Congregation to help us become more eco-friendly. This starts with a church check-up to look at how we stand currently and then creating an action plan of ways we can improve. There are modules to work through, ultimately with the challenge of going for an Eco Congregation Award.

Small steps have already begun and a Green Team has been formed to help put ideas forward and get the ball in motion. Any possible ideas or suggestions for improvements would be gratefully received. Please e-mail

As Christians we should aim to be good stewards of this planet, protecting and caring for our environment both locally and globally.

Did you know?

  • We have recycling facilities at our church?
  • We have a fortnightly recycling collection from the church's doorstep?
  • We have compost caddies in the kitchens at church and Café Church?
  • We have our own compost bin in the churchyard?
  • We prefer e-mail communication but when paper is used it is recycled paper?
  • We use recycled biodegradable cups at The Hub?
  • Recycled toilet rolls about to be introduced?
  • Ecover products and refills are used?

Useful website/links are:

Kim Baker

Kim Baker leads our church 'Green Team'.