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MBC's vision is to be a network church, resourced from Minchinhampton, serving the Five Valleys: to be communities of disciples making disciples as we join in the mission of God, through prayer and action, to see his Kingdom come.

For many years MBC has had a reputation for sound Bible teaching, lively worship and creative children’s and youth work for anyone who enters the doors.

People come from all over the Five Valleys to be part of God’s family in this place. Recent years have bought growth, and people have been dedicated to serving God in his church.

This is all great, but there are challenging questions to ask ourselves: have we, as the church, changed our communities for good, served the poor, bought justice,
compassion and transformation to our neighbours?

Or have we been too comfortable simply gathering together on Sunday mornings?

We don’t want to be a church that hides God away, in an old building on a hill. We don’t want our lives to be challenged on a Sunday but unchanged on a Monday.

We want to be a church which takes seriously Jesus’s call to ‘go and make disciples’. We want to be a church that joins with the work of God in our communities and neighbourhoods and workplaces.

We want to be ‘salt and light’, we want to see his Kingdom come throughout the Five Valleys – in places like Stroud, Nailsworth, Bussage, and so on, as well as in     Minchinhampton.

We want to look less like a ‘mega-church’, drawing Christians away from their immediate communities to Minchinhampton, and more like a network of many groups of gathered Christians - we call these ‘Missional Communities’ - bringing the light of God’s love and a message of hope.

These Missional Communities meet throughout the Five Valleys and will join in with the mission of God through prayer and action.

Sharing food, playing in the parks, serving our work colleagues, bringing hope to the poor and the marginalised, praying for our friends, being accountable, making disciples who make disciples who make disciples… Seeking God’s Kingdom come in the Five Valleys and beyond!


"Our vision is to be disciples of Jesus who make more disciples of Jesus"