Thursday Club

MBC's  very welcoming group for babies to Year 4 children and their families.
If like me you are sad there we cannot do Thursday Club in person at present great news is that Danny is making a little film similar to the slot that he does at the end of the club which is available online complete with simple craft idea and mini activity every Monday from 4.00.  He mentions reading a book along with watching a film which might be good for older children but not necessary to follow the talk. I have also included below some other resources you might enjoy.
Please let me know any ways I can support you as a family at this time. If you fancy a chat on facetime/skype etc. while children play in background feel free to email or phone 07816568684 and we can work out what method would be best. If you are self-isolating please let us know so we can help. Also do let me know if there is anything, I can particularly pray about for you and your family.
Minchinhampton Baptist Church (MBC) Facebook page here and MBC YouTube channel here under Kids Club.
Virtual Sunday School 4 front theatre
Amberley playgroup Facebook page has lovely singing which you might enjoy with your littlest children

Annie Fletcher on 078168684.
Annie Fletcher