Meet the church leaders

In a lively Christian church such as ours, there are many opportunities to serve God. That means everyone can find a part to play in church life - it's not only for an elite few! If you have the right talents, a love for Jesus and a desire to serve him, MBC can use you in teaching, visiting, making music, working with the children, office administration, audio-visual support, computing, magazine editing, catering, flower arranging, photography, gardening, painting and decorating... the list is as endless as there are church activities.

Specific areas of church life are led by our Ministry Leaders, men and women who are recognised annually by the church members as having the gifting and executive leadership skills necessary for these key roles.

The overall spiritual life of the church is the responsibility of our Leadership Team. The Team consists of men and women who are elected annually by the church members. Members of the Leadership Team collectively have the legal responsibility of Charity Trustees.

The Leadership Team meets regularly for prayer and formal church business. Prayer, fasting, reflection on the Bible and other spiritual disciplines are all practised regularly by this group. The Leadership Team will offer prayer and anointing with oil for the sick, upon request, in accordance with James 5:16.

MBC Leadership Team
(from left to right) Jane Court, Will Mansell, Jill Shonk, Ian Williams

 Jane Court  Will Mansell  jillshonk  Ian Williams

Welcome to the MBC website, where you'll find some basic information about the Church.  If you’d like to know more, please speak to one of us - we’re the ones wearing yellow lanyards.
In case you’re wondering about our minister, we’re currently between ministers and seeking to know God’s will for who our next pastor should be.  In the meantime, we’re happy to be your first port of call.  
At MBC we believe that in following Jesus we are able to know forgiveness, freedom and the very fullness of life.  We are passionate about MBC being a community where God’s love can be experienced in real and practical ways.  We hope you can join us in discovering this great truth.