Blue and Red Christmas Commerc

At each of our Christmas services there will be an opportunity to contribute to MBC's Christmas Appeal.

This year our Christmas Appeal is once again for a charity at home in the UK and a charity overseas.

The charity at home is the Stroud Women's Refuge. We have all read how since the beginning of the pandemic there has been an increase in domestic abuse and marriages falling apart. This year we would like to bless the refuge in Stroud which has helped so many during this time.

Overseas, we would like to help Aaron and Grace in Mbale, Uganda one more time. COP26 has highlighted deforestation and the reduction in the world's natural habitats. Aaron and Grace have asked if we can provide them with funding to plant fruit trees and woodland. This will reduce soil erosion in their area as well as provide the villages with much needed fruit. A UK family spends as much as £50 on a Christmas tree which is then thrown into a shredder.  Imagine spending that on trees which will feed a village and keep on giving!  Here is a Youtube link from Mbale on how we helped the village last year:

MBC Christmas Appeal 2020 update from Aaron & Grace in Mbale, Uganda

Donations can be made in cash at church, or by credit/debit card by clicking on the link below.  The appeal will close on Sunday, 9th January 2022.  Thank you for your generosity!