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What is Creation Care?
Creation Care is a group of people at MBC who are leading our church’s response to the environmental issues that are challenging our generation.

Carbon emissions and climate change – overheating, storms, floods, droughts and wildfires.
Loss of habitat, species and biodiversity, with implications for our own health and wellbeing, including discovery of medicines.
Loss of access to food and water.
Pollution – air, soil and water.
Impact on overcrowding, migration and conflict.

Why should the church be interested in the environment?
Partly for the same reasons as everyone else: the environment is where we live. Across the globe, people are putting at risk the ability of people – and other life – to continue without increased discomfort, disease and death. We have one planet and no options for moving elsewhere.

But there are also reasons why Christians in particular should be interested in the environment. Jesus gave us two great commandments:
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength;
Love your neighbour as yourself.

God made the human race to be his image on Earth – we have a special responsibility. If we are to “love God and love our neighbour”, surely that has to include God’s Earth and the environment of our neighbours – present and future, near and distant. God even gives specific instructions about caring for the natural world. He also speaks of a special concern for the poor – the ones who will suffer first and most from damage to the environment.

What is Creation Care trying to do?
We are promoting changes in what MBC does corporately, what individual members of the congregation can do, and what the wider community can do.

This includes:
our buildings;
our land and the nature that can be supported there;
the materials we use, from paper and plastic to food and drink;
recycling and re-use;
how we travel.

We plan to do this through:
church teaching and events – for the congregation and for local people;
newsletters and online resources;
advice and “how to” sessions;
involvement in external groups and campaigns.

MBC Creation Care has been awarded the A Rocha Bronze award 2022.

Do you want to get involved in any aspect of what Creation Care is doing? Do you have some ideas?
Email Gary Raw at rawgj@hotmail.com

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